Top 5 Games/Apps of the Week: Nokia Here Maps, Shadowgun Deadzone, Arcane Legends and More

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  • 18 Nov 2012
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  • It’s been a pretty quiet week, when it comes to big game and app launches and by this I mean there have been no franchise launches or any long awaited games appearing on the Play Store. However, we did see a bunch of interesting debuts, like the announcement of the Nokia Here maps and services for Android and also the multiplayer Shadowgun went live for everyone. Let’s see the top 5 games and apps of the week.

    5) This Could Hurt

    Chilligo released this week a 3D platforming game called This Could Hurt, that has you playing as a cute blue haired character, who moves around mazes filled with traps. The traps here include spinning blades and pitfalls, plus mallets and other stuff like that. The control is basic, one touch to trigger action and the idea is to avoid getting killed in the labyrinth. There are 4 world available, 10 levels and ice and lava to face as you progress. 3D mazes are very well rendered and the game is available for free.

    You can climb, run and jump on all sorts of terrain, while collecting golden Acorns. You can download the game from here.

    4) Arcane Legends

    People are looking for the next best thing related to World of Warcraft to play on their mobile and Arcane Legends may come close to that. This free MMO brings 3D graphics and it’s a piece of work from Spacetime Studios. It’s a big co-op RPG with pets and the option to team with friends internationally. Environments of play include taverns, forests, mines, magical areas and all of the quests will be performed with your mystical pets following you. You can choose between 3 classes: Warrior, Sorcerer and Rogue.

    The lighting in the game is dynamic and special items and rare drops are also a part of gameplay. The game can be downloaded from here.

    3) Nokia Here

    Nokia has announced this week a cross platform map service dubbed Here. It’s a cloud-based service, that will work on the PC, iOS and Android, plus Firefox OS. Nokia will deliver a HTML-5 based experience, that will be triggered from the browser of the device. Android will get a special SDK of Nokia Here in 2013, allowing developers to embed Nokia content into their applications. Here relies on 3D content, that will be provided by Earthmine, a company that Nokia may by at some point.

    Nokia Here is a cloud solution that’s expected to really be fully ready in 2013.

    2) Ingress

    Google has gotten into augmented reality, having released recently a game with the developer name NianticLabs@Google attached. This is basically a presentation of what technology achieves using the rear camera of a handset. Ingres is the name of the game and it involves players walking through the city and finding clues and solving puzzles with the aid of the back camera. It’s available in closed beta right now, but you can get an invitation if you submit a request right here. The game is being rolled out globally and it involves a special Intelligence map that allows you plan next steps and communicate with others.

    1) Shadowgun: DeadZone

    After a long period of beta testing, Shadowgun: DeadZone, the multiplayer version of ShadowGun has arrived in the Play Store. The game has rich 3D graphics, high level shadowing, a complex physics engine and offers a great experience for multiplayer shooting action. You get up to 12 players connected online at the same time, either in Deathmatch or Zone Control mode. 10 playable characters are included and a variety of maps. New elements can be unlocked and made available during gameplay. Sprint and roll is a new control action and the weapons are very varied.

    The game is up for download here.

    It’s been a relatively quiet week, as we prepare for the Xmas holiday pack of apps and games that will come at the end of 2012. In the meantime keep playing Angry Birds Star Wars, the latest Shadowgun and all the other cool games out there. With a bit of luck we’ll also get a decent The Hobbit game by the year end.

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