Top 5 Games of the Week April 1st – April 8th 2013: Into the Dead, Blaslinger Review and Repulze is Here

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  • 07 Apr 2013
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  • This week has clearly been dominated by the debut of HTC First and Facebook Home, but we’re here for a top 5 of the Android games that we had fun with over the past days. We’ve got a 3rd person action game called Bladeslinger, that we reviewed on the HTC One, a failure from Rovio and a brand new zombie first person runner called Into the Dead. Let’s see the top 5!


    5) The Croods Review

    Who said Rovio can’t fail? If you ask me, they already did with Amazing Alex, but the game does have its fans. However, the Croods is the kind of game that not only I criticize, but the entire community of Android gamers. It’s basically Farmville, it’s slow and relies too much on in app purchases. It’s almost impossible to get blue gem without spending real cash. The Croods is a tie in with the movie with the same name by Dreamworks and it puts you in control of a family of cavemen, who trap animals, tame them and collect resources from them. The idea is to evolve your “farm”, perform upgrades and collect berries, carrots and such.

    The game is available here.


    4) Team Awesome Review

    Team Awesome is a superhero platformer game, that takes up 33 MB of space and we played it on the ZTE Grand X In. The game is available for free and it’s a side scrolling superhero adventure, with 4 characters to play with, special powers and 4 super villains. There are 120 levels to play, 6 powerups and upgrades and lots of coins to collect. They will unlock levels and allow you to buy upgrades for your characters. You can run or fly, collect blue crystals for extra time/life and stay away from red crystals. There are objectives to accomplish in each level, like handing coffee to commuters, returning stray cats to old ladies and getting money back to banks from robbers.

    The game is up for download here.


    3) Bladeslinger Review

    Bladeslinger is one of the games we enjoyed playing on the HTC One. Thanks to the Full HD screen and 3D graphics, we almost felt like we were playing Borderlands 2 mixed with the Galaxy Rangers series. The title costs $2.99 on the Play Store and it’s a third person action game, that’s very, very tough. The monsters are hard to defeat and everything is very pricey. Even the basic HP recovering potions cost an arm and a leg. The good part about the game? Lots of battles, cool 3D effects, special abilities triggered by cards and upgrades to perform to your character.

    You can get the game from here.


    2) Repulze

    If you liked Wipeout on the PlayStation, you’ll love Repulze on Android. The game has been available on iOS for a long while and now Pixelbite brought it to Android. The concept is simple: you race hovercraft on a futuristic landscape and it all happens with great looking graphics. The game takes up 256 MB of space and it costs $3. Futuristic racing is certainly not a new genre, but it sure needed a breath of fresh air. The game offers 7 hypersonic crafts and 24 tracks to have fun on.

    You can download it from here.


    1) Into the dead

    Into the Dead is a very original endless runner, played from a first person perspective. You play as a guy who’s lost during a zombie apocalypse and he has to run to survive. He can also shoot weapons, wield a chainsaw and run through fields, crops and forests, as he dodges the undead. You can do that by tilting your device or swiping on the screen, while tapping on the screen allows you to shoot. Shotguns are available and you can collect ammo and weapons from the ground, as you run. The graphics look great and the music and sounds create a brilliant and eerie atmosphere. Sadly, the game has some bug on Nexus devices.

    You can get it from here.

    And here’s another week of April, with several more launches and reviews from us. We’ve got new devices to play with and new reviews to deliver. We’re still waiting for hot Gameloft titles, like Modern Combat 5, Asphalt 8 and Iron Man 3 for Android. At least one of them will come this month…

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