Top 5 Games of the Week April 14th – April 21st 2013: New Iron Man 3 Teaser, Dungeon Hunter 4 Arrives and a Few Reviews

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  • 21 Apr 2013
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  • It’s been a disgrace to see what’s happening to big companies lately, when it comes to mobile. Rovio have fallen behind with that really poor title called The Croods and Amazing Alex was also poor, while Angry Birds updates have been rare lately. Now Gameloft lost some serious tempo by delaying hugely the game Dungeon Hunter 4, that finally arrived this week.


    I didn’t quite get the reason why Gameloft was still teasing us with details for the Android release, when the game was already available on iOS, for everyone to play. Anyway, here are the top 5 games we discussed this week:

    5) Manuganu review

    Manuganu is a free platform runner that I played on the Allview P5 Quad, a budget quad core handset. This is a free game, that you’ll usually find placed at the top of the free titles in the Play Store. It takes up 43 MB of space and may feel a bit like Rayman Jungle Run, being colourful and based on jumps and all that. However, it also has a halt element, where you can stop running and wait for the traps to stop being dangerous. In Rayman Jungle Run you can’t quite do that.

    If you want to play this game with its 30 levels, there’s a download link here.


    4) CSR Racing

    If you’re looking for more of a “static experience” when racing on your Android device, you may try a drag racing title called CSR Racing. This is certainly not Real Racing 3, although even that game has a Drag sequence. The game here is made by Natural Motion Games and it includes several hit vehicles, such as BMW M3, Audi R8 and other goodies. The title takes up a strange 148 MB of space, which is huge for such a simple game, so I imagine the graphics is superb. You will even play with the GT R, shift gears and do some upgrades and tweaks.

    You can download the game from here.


    3) Iron Man 3 for Android

    Iron Man 3 is bound to be one of the best summer blockbusters and of course it inspired a game or two. One of them is Gameloft’s Iron Man 3, that will come to Android and iOS in a week or two. Gameloft has been teasing its title for a while now and now they published a new video, showing some of Stark’s cool armors and suits. The game will arrive on April 25th, if everything goes well and it will be an endless runner, or better said an endless flyer, since you’ll be flying the famous red and gold robot among foes and baddies shooting lasers at him.

    18 suits and a ton of customizations await you!


    2) Dungeon Hunter 4

    Dungeon Hunter 4 had a huge delay on Android, one that was accompanied by strange teasers that actually have no reason to exist, considering the game is already available on iOS. We also have no exact reason for the delay, other than possible bugs. Anyway, the latest Gameloft dungeon crawler is here, filled with quests and loot and also pretty cheapskate when it comes to resources. You’ll be hugely tempted to buy stuff at some point during your progress, since it will be very hard to survive the waves of enemies chasing you in the dungeons.

    There are 4 classes of warriors you can choose: Battleworn, Blademaster, Warmage and Sentinel. You can learn more about this game and have fun with it, after downloading it from here.


    1) Repulze review

    I’m sure that most of you gamers who follow us have heard about the game Wipeout on the PlayStation or even played it. Well, now we have an alternative for Android and it’s called Repulze. The game is actually excellent, that’s why it’s our number one pick here and we already reviewed it on the LG Optimus G and had a lot of fun with it. The title comes from Pixelbite and it offers the gamer 7 hypersonic ships, 24 tracks to race on and a nifty polarity changing system, with green and red gates. You can also fire rockets, plasma guns and bullets at the AI racers and upgrade your hovercraft’s looks and weapons.

    You can get the game from here.

    We’re very near the month of May, when Google I/O strikes and probably Motorola X Phone as well, so we’re bound to get some new game demos to highlight what’s best about the new hardware. Also Android Key Lime Pie is incoming, so it will be pair of swell weeks to come for Android lovers.

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