Top 5 Games of the Week: Angry Birds Star Wars Launches, New Game From Peter Molyneux and Snooker Title for Tegras

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  • 11 Nov 2012
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  • Here we are again with a new top 5 apps of the week, this time comprised only of games for Android. The launch of the week was certainly the debut of Angry Birds Star Wars, that has been teased for a very long time now. We’ve also got some games related to movies, like the Predators or the Hobbit title below, plus a bunch of interesting titles. The cool thing here? Angry Birds Star Wars is free on Android and paid on iOS…

    5) The Hobbit: Kingdoms

    The Hobbit movie is coming to cinemas worldwide next month and obviously there are games related to that title and to the famous LOTR franchise. One of the new titles is The Hobbit: Kingdoms, available on Android. The game is a MMO strategy action title from developer Kabam and it really brings you into the fantasy world created by Tolkien. You play as elves or dwarves and fight goblins or other players. You have to build the kingdom from scratch, create huge armies and defeat your foes.

    You can create alliances and cooperate with other players to kill common enemies. The title is up for download over here for free.

    4) International Snooker Pro

    If you love Snooker, you must play International Snooker Pro, a new title on Android for hardcore pool and snooker fans. The game is intended for Tegra device owners and has detailed graphics and an advanced physics engine, making the gameplay experience unique. You have multiple game modes to have fun with, including a Carrier selection, that takes the user through 15 tournaments and 14 locations all over the world. Quick Play modes include UK 8 Ball, US 8 Ball and US 9 Ball. 16 trophies are available, from 7 major and 7 minor events, plus more. The level of detail is high and the referee is voiced by Michaela Tab, the world’s famous referee for snooker and pool competitions.

    You can download this treat of a game from here.

    3) Predators

    Missed an Alien or Predator related game? Well we’ve got one for you, simply called Predators and released by Fox Digital Entertainment. It goes for about $3 and has the user playing as the ferocious headhunter from outer space. Advanced weaponry and special abilities are available and you can control the character via on screen buttons, like the analog stick on the left and actions buttons on the right. Since this is a game tie-in with the movie, you have all the official details you need, including Thermal Vision, Stealth Generator and more. You can easily become invisible and the graphics of the title are truly superb. The game is optimized for Tegra devices and even for the older Xperia Play.

    You will fight humans and other predators for the grand prize. The title is up for download here.

    2) Curiosity

    When Peter Molyneux makes a new game, everyone is excited, since the man is a visionary and a genius of his time. This original piece of programming involves a cube hiding a secret and players chipping away at the smaller cubes that make the huge one. In app purchases are huge in price, at least some of them, going up to 80,000 in worth. Molyneux has said that this is only the first of 21 more original games like this one, in a series of “22 experiments”. The title involves various players from all over the world cooperating for a single goal: destroying the cube and seeing what’s inside. And only one man can find out the secret, that’s the cool part.

    There are already 24 million cubes destroyed in a few hours and many more afterwards. The game is up for download here.

    1) Angry Birds Star Wars

    You could have easily guessed that the game of the week is Rovio’s freshest title, Angry Birds Star Wars. This game combines the universe of Angry Birds and the Lucas Arts trademark sci fi series. So, Luke Skywalker is now the red bird, Han Solo is the yellow bird and Chewbacca is a giant furry brown bird. Birds get light sabres, laser pistols and Jedi powers that throw away bricks and enemies. The game has Pigtroopers are the evil doers and a Darth Vader that’s basically a pig with a mask. The game’s free version is the basic one, while the HD one goes for $2.99.

    You will get 80 levels in this release, 40 on Tatooine and 40 on the Death Star, plus a bunch of bonus levels. You can download the brilliant title for here, for many hours of fun.

    It’s been a week with some interesting launches, loads of beautiful new games, Angry Birds with a new release and Peter Molyneux back in action. Next week I expect some promotions to start, as the app sellers may begin their very own early Black Friday. We should also see various other tie-ins to new movies and to the Christmas season.

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