Top 5 Games During the January 20 – January 20th 2013 Week: Cracking Sands, Temple Run 2 Arrives and More!

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  • 27 Jan 2013
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  • One more week and closer to the MWC 2013 big event, that may just bring us a new game or two, as Tegra 4 also get closer to debut. Till then, some very desired titles have hit the Play Store, such as the Temple Run 2 game, that was so hyped and expected, that it generated some fakes which fooled people. Plus we have a cool new game called Cracking Sands, that appeared this week and good old Galaga is back, this time on Android, through a port of the classic. Let’s see the top 5 Android games of the past week!


    5) Mars of Legends

    Action RPGs are something that’s hard to find on Android, but here we are with a title pertaining to the genre, a brand new game called Mars of Legends. Produced by gogogame, the title has a complex leveling up system and a job system famous in older role playing titles. You can choose a character class and customize your character as you please. A variety of weapons and armors can be chosen and battles will be waged filled with realistic and stunning effects. The interface is intuitive and the classes include Normal, Magic and Epic, among others. I like how the game is themed a bit after Diablo, with the Devil being the main villain. You can download the game from here, for free, but the game is filled with ads that are pretty badly placed.


    4) Galaga Special Edition Free

    Galaga Special Edition Free is a game that reminds me of my early school years when I played the original title for hours on end. This is an arcade space shooter that promoted Namco to one of the pioneers of game making. Namco Bandai is now releasing the title onto Android, as a top down shooter, with a bit of tweaks to make it more modern. You get 25 levels of fun, epic boss battles and lots of waves of enemies to defeat. You’ll rely on lasers, rockets and powerups. There are achievements to unlock and huge scores to beat. Rockets, laser rays and huge waves of gravitating ships, plus the very tough bosses are all classic elements of the old game, that’s now back in this special edition.

    You can get it from here.


    3) Old School

    Who could have imagined that a comedy from 2003 could become an Android game? The title of the movie is Old School and it featured Vince Vaughn, Will Ferrell and Luke Wilson, who were trying to relive their college years and pretend they’re in a frat/frat house. Well, this translated to this game and gets turned into.. a tower defense title for some reason. The game costs $1 and the purpose of the gameplay is to defend the frat house from party poopers. Those include cops, jocks and nerds, plus the usual airhead hippies with bandanas. Pledges from the movie can be used as defense turrets and level up your “weapons”. The creator of the game is Big Blue Bubble, who also made Burn the Rope, a very popular Android game.

    Old School offers 30 levels and you can get it from here.


    2) Temple Run 2

    After a long wait and a head start of a week for the iOS version, Temple Run 2 finally arrived on Android. It came on January 24th and days before that it was ripped off and faked through some other applications. Imangi Studios is behind the title that got 20 million downloads on iOS in just a weekend or so. This endless running game will have your explorer running, being chased by a monkey, driving a mine cart and sliding on rope. You can twist to the right and left, slider under obstacles or jump past them, plus tilt the device to one side to get all the coins. The gameplay system is the same as in Temple Run 1, but there are also more new characters, with unique looks and powers. The game is free, takes up 33 MB of storage and you should probably know that the predecessor of this title had more than 200 million downloads on all platforms.

    You can get it from here and be chased by a huge monkey.


    1) Cracking Sands

    The release of the week is certainly Cracking sands, a shooting and racing title that can be compared ab it with Crash Team Racing, since it has cartoonish graphics. The title takes up 300 MB of storage, it costs $5 and has high definition graphics and sweet weapons. Cracking Sands allows the gamer to create his own custom character and kart and incorporate some big machine guns into it, or missiles, mines and other crazy weapons. New parts can be unlocked in order to further customize your ride or character. Multiplayer is also here and among the weapons of choice there are machine guns, rockets, plus the pickups you get from the tracks, to power up your vehicle.

    Some hardcore rock/electronic music accompanies the gameplay and I also find that pretty cool. You can get the game from here and I can’t shake the feeling we’re dealing with some sort of Wacky Races tie in.

    And now we’re getting ready for February, the month when Mobile World Congress 2013 starts and also the month when Angry Birds is bound to get an update or two. We may even end up seeing the new Asphalt, at least in a demo, since it’s the kind of game that launches early in the year.

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