Top 5 Games and Apps of the Week: Two New Angry Birds Updates, Hoth and Xmas, Plus an Adblock App

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  • 02 Dec 2012
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  • December is finally here and that means Christmas is close, with the related thousands of apps and games, plus all the flu/snow/hot coffee apps one can imagine. With November and Black Friday over it’s time to check our lists for Santa and see if we were good enough to maybe receive a gift card for an Android game or two. Till then we show you the top 5 apps and games of the past week.

    5) World at Arms

    Gameloft just released a new title and now, it’s not yet another movie tie-in. This is World at Arms, that has arrived on Play Store this week and it’s a strategy game. This is a warfare simulator, that allows you to manage the economics and combat areas when battling the enemy. The player can collect resources and upgrade units and buildings, in an overall experience that reminds me of Command & Conquer quite a bit. The game is available for free and you should know that the units and buildings are pretty realistic in this title, another plus for the game.

    There are 75 missions available and even multiplayer is included. You can even share units with your online friends and make alliances to defeat enemies. World at Arms is up for download here.

    4) Adblock Plus

    If you’re tired of the ads showing up in Angry Birds and the browser on your Android device, then you can resort to Adblock Plus to get rid of them. This software requires Android 2.1 and up, it’s available for free and allows the user to block ads in the browser and in the Android apps that they’re running. Adblock Plus takes care of mobile ads, even video advertising, plus banners, push notifications, display advertising, HTML5 advertising and all that. Usually it handles the task via WiFI, but on rooted device it will also block ads while on a 3G connection.

    There are over 40 filter lists updated constantly to maintain a good block and this is an open source community project. You can get the app from here.

    3) Hamilton’s Great Adventure THD

    If you own a Tegra 3 device, you’ll be happy to know that there’s another “benchmark” title out there, that puts your CPU to the test. The newcomer is Hamilton’s Great Adventure THD, made by Fatshark. This is a puzzle game that breeds the exploration of Lara Croft and Indian Jones with a more casual approach. There are puzzles to solve, treasures to collect and you play as Hamilton, the explorer. He is accompanied by a parrot called Sasha, that you will make use of while solving puzzles. 22 levels are available and 2 worlds: the Amazon jungle and the Himalayas.

    The game costs $3.99 and it’s available in the Tegra Zone and Play Store. From the Play Store you can get it here.

    2) Angry Birds Seasons Winter Wonderham

    It’s that time of the year again, when Rovio updates Angry Birds Seasons with a Christmas release. This time it’s called Winter Wonderham and it involves 25 fresh levels, but not from the get go. The levels are blocked and they’re unveiled one by one, as each day of December passes. The novelty is the ice surface that we also saw in Angry Birds Star Wars Hoth update, plus the aurora borealis in the backgrounds, santas and elves. There are also gifts planted here and there and 3 secret levels offered by Rovio.

    The background is the usual Christmas carol and cheer, when it comes to the audio side. There’s even a special Harbin level, marking the debut of the Angry Birds theme park int he ICe and Snow World in China. The game is up for download here.

    1) Angry Birds Star Wars Hoth Update

    Angry Birds Star Wars was a huge hit, that came on November 8th and already we get the first major update. Rovio is offering 20 fresh levels on the icy Hoth planet. The upgrade also includes 2 new bonus levels and the pink bird we saw in Angry Birds Seasons Back to School. Now the pink bird is princess Leia and it’s able to shoot a pink tractor beam towards pigs, boxes and other obstacles, pulling them towards her and tossing them around. Chewbacca is also here and the levels are pretty easy to complete.

    You can get the Hoth update here and expect more levels to come in the future.

    So, here we are, in winter, with the year end approaching. It’s been a fruitful year for Android device owners, with tons of game and app releases. The Play Store got huge updates, Angry Birds became even more popular and… Gangnam Style appeared. Who know what will come next week?

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