Top 5 Games and Apps of the Week: January 15th – 22nd – Android 5.0 concept, Lode Runner, Asura Cross

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  • 20 Jan 2013
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  • It’s been a quiet week if you ask me, without major leaks or releases, as everyone gears up for MWC 2013 and its huge launches. Still haven’t heard anything for sure from Nvidia regarding its launch titles for Tegra 4 (if there’s such a launch title list), but we’ve seen some remade classics making our top, two of them being listed below. There’s also a very nice concept of Android 5.0 UI and an interesting way to edit videos a la Hollywood.


    5) Rise of the Blobs

    If you want a cross of Tetris and Domino, then you should resort to the guys who made Wind Up Knight to create it. The game uses food instead of tiles and the idea is to stop blobs who are trying to eat the marshmallow hero, the main character stuck on top of a tower. The tower is being escalated by blobs, who you’ll have to take care of. You will have to rotate the tower from sides and drop fruit matching the color of the blobs and then pop them. The idea is to stay alive as long as possible and not have your hero on top of the tower hit. Powerups and new games modes are unlockables and you can also make in app purchases.

    You can download the game from here.


    4) Asura Cross

    Gamevil launched on Android a title called Asura Cross and this fighting game is by no means new, being present on an older South Korean gaming console. The title was originally distributed on that platform and now it’s on Android. The fighting game also throws in some graphic novel features, apparently. The interface is colourful and reminds one of the feeling of playing/watching an anime. In Asura’s Cross you can battle with 8 characters, including a TaeKwon Do master called Jin and an assassin dubbed DeeDee. The fighting is in 2D, but the graphics are not bad at all. Controls from the older GP32 handheld console are emulated virtually on the screen. Ladder style competitions and tournaments are available, plus fighting a friend via Bluetooth.

    Download is available right here.


    3) Lode Runner Classic

    It was 1983 when Lode Runner appeared and made a lot of waves in everyone’s living room. This classic title, this exquisite puzzle platformer that ruled our childhood is now back, this time on Android, after being available on iOS for a while. The game takes up 24 MB of storage, costs $3 and it’s a port from the Game Boy version of the game, not exactly the original one. Customizable controls are here, as well as the ability to alter the color of the worlds and 150 levels of gameplay are included in this release. The idea is to dodge enemies, climb, run, hunt for gold and there’s no shooting and jumping here. Blasting blocks is an option, though… The game is up for download here, for hours and hours of fun and packing a new magnification effect, in order to zoom in around the Runner.


    2) FXGuru: Movie FX Director

    This one is a very interesting application, that allows you to play with the videos you shot with your Galaxy S III, for example. You can mess around with vids thanks to FXGuru and add a bunch of Hollywood-style effects. The application involves applying FX effects on top of the videos and adding explosions, UFOs and more. It’s all done thanks to a proprietary technology called MotionMatch. This adds realistic movement on top of the footage, with effects lasting as much as 10 seconds or mode. There are Virtual Decals included for each effect, guiding you through the alignment with the shots. You can add an UFO landing, an exploding TNT barrel, a satellite falling to earth, a robot messing about, an alien invasion and meteor strike. Great app and a solid download from here.


    1) Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie concept

    I know it’s neither an app, nor a game, but this is certainly the topic of the week, a very interesting Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie, that may as well become a real thing with the next CyanogenMod release. Alan McGarrity is behind the screenshots included in the article, depicting the way the next Android could look. Simplicity is the focus here and McGarrity seems convinced that there will be 3 areas of the Home experience: a homescreen with a non-removable widget, an app board that’s activated from the home screen and a widget board that you’ll find on the left of the Home area. The same design includes a non-removable widget for Google Now, an omnipresent element on the screen, always ready to be used. The stock apps have also received an upgrade in design, even the phone calling UI. The focus here is on the handset Android, with no trace of a redesign for tablets. It kind of looks hot, though…

    What will next week bring? More info about Asphalt 8, Real Racing 3, a new NOVA game, a new Final Fantasy or port? Maybe some more Facebook updates, Nexus phones, the Galaxy S IV and Android gaming consoles? We’ll be here, covering them all!

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