Top 5 Android Games of the Week February 10th – 17th 2013: Tamagotchi New Game, FXGuru Review, Cordy 2 is Here

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  • 17 Feb 2013
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  • The clock is ticking and MWC 2013 is just a few days away from the big debut. Everything will actually start next weekend, as the journalists arrive on the spot from February 23rd or maybe even the 22nd and aside from visiting Barcelona, they will also find the time to get a quick hands on experience with a prematurely unveiled device or two. Till then, we’ve got some interesting Android games for you, that we showed on our site over the past week. Let’s check those out!


    5) Gold Diggers

    Endless running games are trendy right now and you’ll certainly like Gold Diggers, since it’s one of them, but with a different perspective. Coming from Gamistry Games, this title requires the user to constantly dig for gold, as he’s being chased by a huge worm that eats people. The idea here is not to run towards the horizon in first person, but rather to descend towards the core of the Earth/bottom of the screen. Even the developers of the game highlighted how unique this is compared to its competition, describing the title as a cross between Jetpack Joyride and Mega Worm. You can also change drill parts for more drilling power.


    4) Wipeout

    Activision has yet another cool game out there, after Pitfall. This time it’s Wipeout, a title that costs $2 and allows you to play around with characters and traps, just like in the TV show with the same name. The title lets you control characters, as they dodge all sorts of traps and go through maze-like areas, in an attempt to reach the finish line. You earn style points and access themes that are famous all over the world thanks to the TV show such as Sports Night and Old MacBallsy. You can even play re-runs of epic Wipeout sessions in slow motion and enjoy the punishment of the character.

    The game is up for download here.


    3) Tamagotchi L.i.f.e

    Remember the times of Tamagotchi, when we had those little gizmos that we carried around, replacing real life pets with ASCII on a small screen? Well, these days is the anniversary of many long years since the Tamagotchi appeared and it’s celebrated through the release of a special Android app bearing the name of Tamagotchi L.i.f.e. The app takes up 15 MB of storage, comes from Namco Bandai and looks cute. It can allow you to create the virtual pet you dream of, change its color, allow it to interact with other pets and play with him. The original Tamagotchi characters are featured here and there’s also a digital pet collection in the mix, as well as a bunch of signature wallpapers.

    Pets can be shared on Facebook and you can get notifications on Android regarding your pet. You can get the app from here.


    2) FXGuru: Movie FX Director

    This has got to be one of the funniest apps we’ve reviewed in our Android-based history. We’re dealing with an app that you can download for free on your handset, that applies various sci-fi effects in real time to the video you’re shooting. We tested it on the Google Nexus 4 and applied crashing satellites and UFOs to real life scenery in our town. You can also add a molotov cocktail, TNT barrel, a robot drone and more. The only bummer is that the app comes with 3 free effects and 13 more can be bought for $9 or so. The app uses proprietary MotionMatch technology to add that extra layer of sci-fi action on top of your experience.

    The effects last over 10 seconds and the app can be downloaded for free from here, but the extra effects cost.


    1) Cordy 2

    Cordy is a very entertaining platforming experience with very bright graphics and it’s followed by Cordy 2, much the same thing, but with more glitter and new game mechanics. It feels like a combo of the greatest hits of platforming. Imagine a combo between Oddworld’s Abe and Crash Bandicoot, although this game is actually nothing like those two. You play as a jolly little robot, with a TV for a head and constantly looking for electricity. Directional arrows on the left of the screen control the movement and there’s also a jump button on the right, that lets you be thrown in the air. There’s also a context sensitive action button, that allows you to connect to transporters with your cord or use special moves with your pod. There’s also a jet pack to play with and a special smashing power to destroy breakable rocks, plus more goodies.

    The game is up for download here and it’s a doozie!

    So, 5 days left till we descend onto Barcelona and MWC 2013. We’ll get to see a lot of hardware there, but guess what? There will also be a lot of software, game and app developers and new Android titles in action!

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