Top 5 Android Games of the Week: Angry Birds Haunted Hogs, Halloween Games and More

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  • 28 Oct 2012
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  • It’s been a week dominated by special Halloween apps and games and a weekend with everyone dressed up in special costumes. We also dressed up our phones with creepy wallpapers and a bunch of scary games, but we’re here to show you the 5 titles that actually mattered this week. So let’s see what’s creepy and what’s scary these days!

    5) Thunder Gun Pit Crew Titans

    This title made by Ingersoll Rand is a pit stop simulator that’s not scary, but it’s interesting, because it’s a new concept compared to the other Android games I’ve seen related to racing. The idea is to control a crew of 8 people, as they change the tires of cars, fuel them up and repair them. 6 unique car designs are available, 3D animations and environments and you’ll have a ball pumping the jack and playing with lugnuts. Ingersoll Rand is a brand of tools for pit stops and they’re probably advertising their products with this original app. You can get the game from here and you’ll be doin a pretty good deal, since the app is available for free.

    4) Zombiewood

    It’s Halloween, it’s zombie time! Gameloft offers us a funny tale involving zombies that invaded LA and Hollywood. You take on waves of undead critters and have no less than 68 missions to splatter brains in. The game takes up a hefty 311 MB and you get 3D graphics, 20 weapons and a top down shooter gameplay, with movie reels as episodes/missions. 11 movie modes and 10 game modes are available. You can change your outfit with crazy and funny choices and compare your scores via leaderboards. Zombiewood is up for download here.

    3) Royal Revolt!

    Love tower defense? Then take it to 3D mode through the Royal Revolt title, a 3D tower defense game by Flaregames. It takes up 150 MB of storage, it’s free and offers 3D graphics. Heroes and knights can be controlled, as well as warriors that use magic, spell upgrades and other medieval attacks. 30 castles need to be conquered for you to become a king. Everything is much more fast paced than usual tower defense games. What we like most about this title is that it’s not a freemium app, that has you spending money you actually don’t need to spend. You get all the gold you need, in the title up for download here.

    2) Nun Attack

    This has got to be the most original game of the week, with a theme that some gamers may find to be controversial. You control a crew of nuns, who take on demons and other creatures from hell. It costs a dollar and it’s made by Frima Studio Inc. 80 guns are available here, with all the gatling and shotgun love you can imagine. Each of the 4 nuns has her own personality and the ultimate boss that awaits you is the Fallen Nun, a pretty hardcore boss fight. 3 other crazy boss fights and over 150 total battles are available. The game is available here.

    1) Angry Birds Seasons: Haunted Hogs

    The game of the week is clearly Angry Birds Seasons: Haunted Hogs. It’s a Halloween theme update, the first one in the 2013 series, that brings 30 new creepy levels, for free of course. The new levels bring you a Frankenstein pig, a creepy painting of a Screamer pig, a blinking eye and some ghostly boxes. The levels are pretty difficult to play, actually, so it’s not one of those happy and shiny and easy to finish updates. Pigs with Jason masks and ghost pigs are all available in this creepy update, that you can download from here. Rovio has done it again!

    It’s been an interesting week, with a lot of horror themed and creepy games, intended for the Halloween time frame and I expect the releases to continue till the start of November. Keep an eye out for future tops for games and apps on, since this will become a regular section of the site.

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