Top 5 Android Games of the Week 17 – 24th March 2013: Modern Combat 5 Teaser, Real Racing 3 Review and More

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  • 25 Mar 2013
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  • The big games are a-coming! Asphalt 8, Modern Combat 5 and God knows how many goodies are all out there and ready to burst onto our tablet and phone screens. Over the past 7 days we had a lot of goodies, such as a Modern Combat 5 teaser and a bunch of reviews we did for the latest Android game hits out there. Here we go!


    5) Temple Run Oz Review

    Temple Run Oz is a Disney-associated title, tied in with the Great and Powerful Oz movie, that has recorded impressive box office figures. However, the game keeps much of the standard free running experience and it’s pretty similar to what we played in Temple Run 2, 1 and Temple Run Brave. Only this time we’re being chased by baboons with wings, running through a dark forest and hearing some creepy music from the movie. There’s also a balloon flying minigame in here, that you’ll certainly enjoy, especially if you loved the movie and if you love green crystals.

    We played the game on the Xperia Z and you can download it from here.


    4) World At Arms

    World at Arms is a strategy game from Gameloft, a RTS that’s pretty close to the type of Command & Conquer, although the battles take place in a different view than the actual strategy/economy part. You develop your base, evolve your units, build tanks, attack real life players for extra resources or form alliances. The game takes a long while to actually let you evolve, so it’s a bit tedious and may even tempt you with buying stuff with real money. The battles take place in a TBS system, each party taking turns to strike and the points defense versus offence mattering the most.

    You can download the game from here and know that you’re in for a long gameplay time.


    3) Real Racing 3

    Real Racing 3 represent’s EA’s solid effort to continue its legacy of good racing games, even on mobile. It may have a controversial Time Shifted Multiplayer mode, that some people dislike, but at least it’s an innovative feature. The game includes 22 cards on the grid at the same time in a certain type of race, 45 cars to race with, including models from Porsche, Lamborghini and Dodge among others. You will engage in standard races, eliminations, endurance races and even drag races. The graphics are top notch for a mobile and this is truly a simulator. Time shifted multiplayer is basically a recording of real players played back to you as a multiplayer experience.

    You can download the game from here.


    2) Modern Combat 5

    We’ve heard rumors about Modern Combat 5 before, but this is the first time we have solid proof that the game actually exists. Gameloft itself has just teased MC 5 on its Facebook page, showing a mercenary/solider taking on a base in an arctic setting. An announcement of the game will come soon and the debut is expected sometime this winter. The game seems to involve some sort of infiltration or stealth action, if we judge from the screenshots. The game will come in Q4 and we may get to see a demo of it at WWDC 2013 on iOS or at Google I/O 2013. Yet another Call of Duty clone or more?


    1) Slingshot Racing

    Slingshot Racing is a game priced at 99 cents, a very good game actually and a very original racing title. You will use grappling hooks, that will be hooked on poles and you’ll use those to slingshot around corners. The race and game are placed in a steampunk environment and there are cogs, snowmen and everything is frozen and icy. The game has 4 types of races, including one that involves a chase from a huge machine that chomps up racers. You can compete with other people in multiplayer on the same device, with each of you picking a corner of the screen to press. An excellent and fun game with 80 races available and a grade of 9.3 out of 10 from us.

    You can download it from here.

    That was it, folks, the top 5 games of the past week and of the future, if we count the future Modern Combat title. Lots of good games have been appearing this Spring and even more will come in the future. Let’s see what next week brings and I can reveal it brings a few nifty reviews on the hot handset that the HTC One is, since we’re testing it now.

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