Top 5 Android Games of Mid February 2013: Plague Inc Reviewed, Vector Parkour and Gameloft New Teaser

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  • 10 Feb 2013
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  • MWC 2013 is just two weeks away and till then Gameloft is doing some teasing, we’re doing some reviewing and various interesting titles are getting released. Gameloft just teased Blitz Brigade, a multiplayer cartoonish FPS that seems to be already available in France for some reason, while we reviewed the Plague Inc Android game and had a lot of fun with it. It’s one of the few games that got a 10 out of 10 from us. Here are the top 5 games on Android this week.


    5) Cypress Inheritance

    Priced at $3, the title Cypress Inheritance is a new Android game that takes up 1.3 GB of space. It has a sci fi steampunk vibe to it and it’s part of a larger saga, the Cypress Inheritance saga, that will let you play as Lorna, Alfred Cypress’s granddaughter, who has received a large inheritance from grandpappy. Quests will be performed and you must extract the Seven Priceless Paintings within the inherited estate. There’s also a crazy AI in the mix, that will send evil robots to attack you and you have to defeat them. The game offers 3D graphics and requires a solid machine to run: 1 GB of RAM and dual core 1 GHz CPU minimum requirements.

    You can download it from here.


    4) Blitz Brigade

    Gameloft is ready to release yet another hit, called Blitz Brigade. The game got teased a bunch of times already and from what I’ve heard it’s available in France already. You get a multiplayer FPS that looks a lot like Team Fortress 2 and it relies on cartoonish graphics and characters. Rocket launchers, artillery, wacky characters and multiplayer sessions on Gameloft’s servers will happen. I wonder if there will also be a single player element of the game, since multiplayer online may not be enough to make the game a real hit. Some people also compared the game to Battlefield Heroes, which is a fair comparison. Powerups and pickups are also available and everything is colourful and fast paced.


    3) Oddland

    Oddland is a game that has just been launched and it’s set in the post apocalyptic future, one filled with mutants and criminals. There’s a single player mode and an online mode available, with 25 areas included, 5 different factions and 4 different Battle Modes. They include Mutant Duel, Boss Duel, Stealth and Rescue Mission. There’s also a mini game called Odd 23, a card game and there’s also the option of perfecting the aim by shooting bottles. Gamers can customize their characters, choose a new weapon and select skills. There’s a slight western vibe to this game, one that I like

    You can download it from here.


    2) Plague Inc Review

    Plague Inc is a very fun to play pandemic simulator, where you can pretend you’re infecting the entire planet with a deadly virus. It simulates the infection, symptoms, the way the virus spreads and the countries researching the cure. You get DNA points that you’ll use to develop the disease and make it resilient to cold, heat, medicine and get new and crazy symptoms, like hemorage, fever and even coma. You can also choose the way of transmission and much more. We gave this simulator a 10 out of 10 since we had a lot of fun playing with it. Ndemic Studios did a fine job remaking this title, that was originally a flash game.

    You can get it from here.


    1) Vector

    Vector is a new free runner, one that’s divided into levels and has an interesting black stickman graphics design. The game takes up 50 MB of storage and it’s based on parkour moves, that you’ll perform in an urban environment, while being chased by dark forces. The idea is that you’re in a futuristic society, one under constant control by the Big Brother. You’re being followed and monitored by a totalitarian regime that you must escape. You will do crazy stunts and jumps, collect powerups, slide, grab, jump and slip through various obstacles. Over 30 levels are available and more will be coming in a couple of weeks.

    You can get the game from here.

    Next week we have a couple more reviews to show you and I’m sure that we’ll see some launches related to Valentine’s Day, since it’s coming in 4 days. There are already wallpapers out there in the Play Store, plus some games and even a Where’s My Perry released combined with Where’s My Water and based on Valentine’s Day.

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