Top 5 Android Games of Early February 2013: New Angry Birds Star Wars Update, Temple Run 2 Review and More

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  • 03 Feb 2013
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  • February is here and that means two things basically: Valentine’s Day is coming and so is MWC 2013. While the latter is pretty much detailed in our minds, Valentine’s Day is expected to bring a huge amount of content, games and apps on the Play Store. For now the invasion hasn’t reached our top 5, that’s clean of such nonsense. However, we do have some interesting new games that made it to the top of the last week. Let’s see what’s burning gaming-wise!


    5) Dungeon Quest

    For those of you fond of dungeon crawlers many years ago, a blast from the past is here. The game is called Dungeon Quest and it’s an old school dungeon crawler that involves a funky mage. The title is in beta phase right now, so it only offers one character class, the mage. Later on you will receive more classes, but for now the mage is available with his powers. The levels are randomized and the equipment should suffice. 100 levels are available in the game with 5 difficulty settings. The credits for the game belong to Shiny Box, who created an appealing old school title in this day and age. Dungeon Quest is divided into 4 acts, each with a solid boss.

    The mage has mystical weapons with infinite customizations and the loot can be upgraded. You can get the game from here.


    4) Jail Run

    Herocraft is behind some very successful titles on Android and iOS and now they’re at it again, with a title called Jail Run. Jail Run Puzzle will have the player crossing dungeons of all kinds, filled with traps and secret treasure. The graphics quality sets the game apart from the competition. Multiple dungeon themes are available and they’re very well designed. 63 levels are available and on screen controls are smartly placed and user-friendly. Traps, bombs and enemies will be the things to keep an eye on in the mazes.

    There’s also the promise of a future update with more level packs. Jail Run Puzzle is available for download here.


    3) Alien vs Predator: Evolution

    AVP has been a more decent game series than movie series, everyone knows that. The games on the PC have a huge fanbase and porting that experience onto mobiles and tablets will be hard to do, but not impossible. The folks of Fox Digital Entertainment are handling this task, working on a mobile AVP title. The game will be called Alien vs Predator: Evolution and will be a third person shooter with melee combat and high end graphics. You can start off as face hugger, grow into a full fledge alien and use a tail hit to kill foes. Predators use their laser sights, become invisible and can also use a sword. The game is based on the famous Unity engine and it would be cool if there was a multiplayer element in the game, although that’s only a speculation for now.


    2) Angry Birds Star Wars Update

    Angry Birds Star Wars is a fantastic title, one of Rovio’s best pieces of work, so every update is welcome. The Planet Hoth update was a cool release, but it only offered 20 levels when it debuted, at the end of 2012. Now it gets 20 more through the Escape From Planet Hoth update. The story of the update goes like this: following the epic battle of Hoth, the rebels have escaped the ice planet and they have the Pigtroopers on their tails. They will venture out in an asteroid field for cover, so expect a lot of Angry Birds Space tie-ins, since that title was filled with asteroids. Aside from the 20 levels, there are also 2 bonus levels included. Mynock pigs will pop up from the middle of asteroids and shoot at you, plus you’ll face a very cool boss fight.

    The game is up for download here.


    1) Temple Run 2 Review

    Seeing how hugely popular Temple Run 2 has become, we thought it would be a pity to not review it, right? We had fun playing the game on an 8 inch tablet, just days after it was released on the Play Store. The game is an infinite runner, just like its predecessor and it has intuitive controls, that involve swiping to the left or right to turn to that direction, or tilting the tablet to pick up coins. There’s also a mine cart to drive, a huge monkey to escape from and gems and powerups to pick up. You will also use ziplines and I have to say that the game has cool 3D graphics and fast paced action, plus colourful background. Imangi Studios did a fine job with the game, that gets more powerups and achievements, plus it doesn’t require you to purchase stuff like gems to revive and keep playing. You will get them along the way, as you run and jump.

    You can download this cool title from here.

    So, we’re now fully in 2013, we’re ready to not call this the “beginning of the year”, as we prepare for a very hot spring, filled with game launches and releases for the Tegra 4 platform. Also, MWC 2013 is coming and that can only mean more devices to play with!

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