Top 5 Android Games in Early March 2013: Temple Run Oz, Samurai Versus Zombies Defense 2 and More

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  • 10 Mar 2013
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  • March is proving to be a great month for Android games. January and February were dead months, without big name launches, but things are finally moving and this week alone we saw 2 great titles being launched, one free and one paid. We also posted two interesting game reviews and more details can be found in the top 5 listing below.


    5) Bladeslinger

    Folks who loved Six Guns from Gameloft will feel right at home in this new western, called Bladeslinger. This is an action game for Android, set in the Wild, Wild West and allowing you to play a cowboy who uses a combo between a gun and a blade. Initially this was a Tegra Zone title, but it has reached the bulk of Android devices now. You play as William Glaston, a hardcore cowboy, who will gun down and slice enemies with his revolver/machete. The title is priced at $2.99 and you get real time lighting, special effects and realistic physics.

    You can download the game from here.


    4) Shellrazer

    Over the past days we published a review for a game called Shellrazer, a title that we didn’t cover as a piece of news, since it launched without fanfare. The idea is simple: you control a bunch of fighters placed on top of a moving turtle. The game is a side scrolling shooter, with your characters shooting missiles, bullets or thunders. There’s also a repair unit that heals others and the turtle only serves as a vehicle, so he can’t take damage. You’ll go against goblins and other critters and fight towers, balloons, pterodactyls and more.

    The game is available for free, offering you a couple of levels and ads, but the full version is $3. The link download is here.


    3) Boardtastic Skateboarding 2

    Another review we published over the past days was the one of Boardtastic Skateboarding 2. This is a skateboarding simulator, based on touch gestures. The idea is to create a spin motion while you’re at the end of the halfpipe, while finishing the jump. You select the trick by drawing a gesture and then you perform the rotations, that will generate points if you land well enough. You can buy a variety of decks, upgrades, T Shirts, caps and other cool items that will make your skater more popular and more stylish. There’s even a multiplayer, that only involves beating other player’s performances from the leaderboard.

    You can download it from here.


    2) Temple Run Oz

    Temple Run gets a new chapter, right after Temple Run 2. This time it’s yet another Disney pairing, after Temple Run Brave. This time it’s Temple Run Oz, with the occasion of the movie Oz, that’s in cinemas right now. Temple Run Oz sticks to the endless running recipe, but it adds crazy flying monkeys in the mix, a creepy dark forest with a graveyard and even a balloon ride as a bonus minigame. The game is much easier to play than Temple Run 2, or at least so it seemed to me. The title goes for 99 cents, so that may be the less appealing thing about it.

    The game is up for download here.


    1) Samurai Versus Zombies Defense 2

    We consider the Android game of the week to be Samurai versus Zombies Defense 2. A year ago we had the first Samurai versus Zombies Defense, a very cool side scrolling action strategy game, that has now evolved into a new version. The title comes from Glu Mobile, it’s available for free and it sticks to the freemium method, meaning you can pay for extras, if you want. Here’s the concept of the game: you start off with a character like a samurai or ronin and then you create some peons, samurais, wizards and other units, that will accompany you in attacking either a base of a real multiplayer user or simply the AI foes in regular missions. You will upgrade all units and there are hundreds of them, believe me, plus get all sorts of extras and powerups. A huge game with a huge potential!

    You can get it here.

    It’s been a productive week in the world of Android games and I have a feeling that the best is yet to come. Big game makers are waking up, one by one and releasing cool titles. Are you ready to embrace them?

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