Top 5 Android Apps/Games of the Week: Contract Killer Zombies 2, Image Editors, SwiftKey Flow Keyboard

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  • 09 Dec 2012
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  • December has started and with it there’s a ton of nifty games and apps to look forward to. Strangely, no Xmas related game or app has made it to our weekly top 5 and also strangely this time we have more fresh apps than games to show you. Thus, here are the top 5 apps and games for Android of the current week, with some nice recommendations for you all, including keyboards, players and shooters.

    5) MediaMonkey

    Music players for Android are a huge segment with many varied options, that do pretty much the same. That’s why this beta version of MediaMonkey interested us quite a bit. Especially since it brings video support, podcast support, user friendly category navigation, a car friendly UI and synchronization via WiFi. You can also sync your WiFi playlists and content from the MediaMonkey Windows players to your Android player. There’s also totally free availability in case you’re wondering and you won’t find this app in the Play Store, but you can download it from us, from here. You also need to download on the PC the latest MediaMonkey beta software.

    4) SwiftKey Flow

    SwiftKey Flow has reached beta phase and we’ve offering you the APKs for smartphone and tablet, specifically for this app. This is the latest Android virtual keyboard available and it comes with a “gliding gesture” input, that may interest a fanbase of 75k community VIP users. SwiftKey replaces the standard Android virtual keyboard with a new system that replaces the usual way of input and offers good predictive typing. The cool thing is that the system can access your texts, Facebook and Twitter and adapt to your language and your pattern of typing. It combines the prediction of SwiftKey’s engine with the gliding gestures. You can get the APK for handsets here and for tablets here.

    3) Total Defense 3D

    Total Defense 3D is a very original tower defense title, that has an advantage compared to other tiles from the genre: its tridimensional graphics. You get an unique view of your troops and you can pan around in 3D. The game seems to combine RTS and RPG features, apparently. 20 missions are available and inspiration for the game is quoted as StarCraft, Command & Conquer, so it’s a very solid release. I like the 3D graphics quite a bit and the free camera view is totally appealing, especially compared to the flat 2D tower defense games. You can destroy bridges, block passages and create tactical advantages by altering your surroundings. The game is available for download over here.

    2) Snapseed

    If you’re looking for a hot image editor, then a good choice is Snapseed and what better indication for that then the fact that Google bought the company behind it. This app was voted as the Best Mobile Photo App of 2012 by TIPA and it’s now available for free on Android. It allows you to select various image tweaking options and scroll around the options vertically for each selection and horizontally for percentages of the usage of that effects. It even supports TIFF pics and it includes filters like Drama, Vintage, Grunge, Tilt Shift and a bunch more, as well as frames/borders and sharing via email. We may someday see this integrated into Android… The app is up for download over here.

    1) Contract Killer Zombies 2

    The release of the week is certainly Contract Killer Zombies 2, the zombie version of CK 2, but this one is actually an action game, unlike the static CK 2. You can really move around, but sadly you don’t have the feeling you’re actually firing weapons, since you’re basically just aiming them and they fired by themselves. This third person shooter takes up half a gigabyte of space and it somehow reminds me of Walking Dead, a bit of Dead Trigger and a little bit of Resident Evil. You play as a female character, Evelyn, who tries to clear the Safehaven Research Center of various species of zombies, like a thrower, that throws green sludge your way, or a fat zombie with a chemical protection suit on, or a police force zombie that’s hard to kill since it has a body armor. You can download the game from here and it’s a very solid free download from Glu Mobile.

    Yet another week of December is done and with it we prepare for a 2013 that will brings us a lot of fresh franchise releases, new movie tie ins, fresh apps, a new Android, new Facebook, new Google+ and hopefully games like NOVA 4 and Angry Birds tied in to another franchise, maybe.

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