Top 5 Android Apps and Games of the First Week of January 2013: Tegra 4 Game, Steampunk Racing and Facebook Page Manager

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  • 07 Jan 2013
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  • 2013 has started and with it an avalanche of launches, including both games and apps. Some new games have been teased, while others are already here and sadly others are only available in limited areas such as Japan. We cover 5 of the most important Android releases of the past week in the following lines. So, here’s what to play in 2013 right now and what apps to install!


    5) Codex The Warrior

    This is the very first Nvidia Tegra 4 game out there, a title for a chipset that’s supposed to be unveiled at CES 2013 in just a day or two. Codex the Warrior seems like some sort of an evolved Infinity Blade, with both action RPG elements and online multiplayer features. It’s not a MMORPG however and it features a third person view, plus very good graphics. Unity Engine brings an extra graphics punch here and PvP multiplyer will also make you enjoy this title. It’s supposed to come to Tegra 4 first and Tegra 3 too at some point in the future. The creatures in the trailer we showed in the article look fantastic and very creepy!


    4) Street Fighter IV

    Street Fighter IV has finally reached the Google Play Store, but only in Japan, as an Xmas gift from Capcom. The thing is that the game looks great and it’s also available in English, so it should hit the international market soon. The game was already available as preinstalled software on LG HD handsets from last year, so people are already familiar with it in some parts of Japan. There was a also a cracked version of the game on the XDA Developers community, but as usual the genuine Play Store download is recommended. The title has 3D backgrounds and takes up 1.3 GB of storage. It’s priced at around $3.50 or so and you can download it from here, if you can, although I should warn you that it doesn’t have multiplayer.


    3) Steampunk Racing 3D

    Steampunk Racing 3D is a game that appeared in the Play Store just days ago and steampunk fans will love it. The graphics are actually surprisingly good and their 3D aspect will be very much appreciated. You get crazy vehicle designs and customizations, an industrial steam powered world to play in a lot of types of rides to show off with. There’s the Drag Racer, Brutal Wagon, Agile Delivery and we’re naming just a few here. You can use weapons and even elemental powers, plus even the interface of the game is all steampunk, with cogs, wheels and steam all over.

    Gamers can teleport their cars ahead of the enemies, trigger force fields, blast opponents with energy via EMP waves and more. You can customize vehicles with 30 weapons/abilities and you should know that the game is up for download here.


    2) Zime Calendar

    This is a 3D calendar app, that allows you keep your tasks and to do lists in check, all with a 3D vertical carousel interface. The app has gesture control, it’s totally free (and totally beta) and it takes up 1.3 MB of storage, plus it needs Android 4.0 ICS to run. You can pinch to zoom in order to expand each day of the list and figure out its plans and details. Zime is available in beta right now and supports dynamic scheduling, as well as interactions with the likes of Google Calendar and other similar services. It does have some minor problems on the Galaxy S III and Note, but those will be solved along the way. You can prioritize tasks and get debriefings for previous weeks. The app is up for download here.


    1) Facebook Pages Manager

    This app was detailed by us today and already it made it to the top of our top 5 apps and games this week. We’re dealing with an app that allows you to manage your Facebook pages if you’re an admin and it’s a very useful tool for people in the biz. You can connect with your audiences, see detailed insights and more. You can post fresh updates and photos, reply to comments on the Pages you manage and view and reply to private messages. Admins are notified on each page’s activity and they view the latest page insights in detailed graphs. Android 2.2 and above is required for this app and it appears that Facebook is also preparing some nifty VoIP features for the future of FB apps. Pages Manager is going through some test now, so it’s only available in certain regions of the world. If you’re lucky enough you can download it from here.

    So there you have it, yet another week of having fun with Android apps and games. The focus of early 2013 seems to be apps rather than games, but there are some solid titles brewing up for the future, especially with Tegra 4 well on its way. I’m sure that CES 2013 will also give us the occasion of writing about some more apps.

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